Why don’t you give me a call so we can talk about your concerns?  That’s a start.


Sad or down much of the time
Negative thinking
Mood swings
Lack of motivation
Poor self esteem
Feeling hopeless
Loss of interest in life
Difficulty making decisions


Marriage issues
Couple conflict
Anger issues
Communication problems
Sexual problems
Dating & commitment concerns
Separation, divorce, relationship breakup
Family, workplace, friendship conflicts


Stressed out
Excessive worry
Discomfort in social situations
Phobias & fears
Panic attacks
Sleepless nights
Fearful of making mistakes
Anxiety in public speaking

Addictions, Impulses, Obsessions, Compulsions

Video games
Compulsive sex
Concern about appearance
Problem thoughts, feelings & impulses

Work & School

Conflict with boss or peers
Conflict with teachers, students, parents
Time management
Career goals uncertainty
Studying struggles
Poor attention span

Something Else is Troubling Me

Loss & grief
Sleep problems
Sexual difficulties
Eating & weight problems
Adult child of alcoholics
Sexual abuse survivor

Maybe you’d like to call but are hesitant. Sometimes people are afraid to call me because they think they will be obligated, or are committing to something they’re unsure of. There is no obligation if you call – all we’re going to do is talk. Maybe you’re just uncertain there’s a problem at all and don’t want to feel you’re over-reacting. Again, we can talk about that, and then you can decide for yourself. So give a call or email me.

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